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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Nation Without Women

I planned to watch this movie titled, "A Nation Without Women" some time back. Somehow that never happened. I heard people praising it, whoever watched it told me this was ONE HELL OF A RELEVANT movie.

But then, some people told me, this no longer happens. Women are no longer treated like THAT! And I think I did convince myself to a great degree that maybe, it is too drastic a representation of the condition of women in India......

And then, I stumbled upon this inconspicuous looking article, titled "Reality Check" in Sunday Magazine of The Hindu. Since I was home and had time to kill, I decided to read it........and I was in for a surprise!!!!

The article was about the fifty female fetuses found dumped in a well in Karnataka. I could no longer sustain the thoughts I'd had about the situation of women in India! Because these were not women the paper was talking about! These were BABIES who weren't even allowed to be
born!!!!!!! They were killed before they could even see the light of the day!!!!!!!

And the article went on and on about some SHOCKING attitudes of people in Punjab and Haryana. The one that sprang out was "Raising a daughter is like watering a plant in neighbour's yard"..........and I didn't know who to blame for such a thought......the dowry system, the mothers, the fathers, the people, the population, the ignorance at large?????????