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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The very same people, the very same nation, eh?


I'm returning after a LONG time but then, I guess I was boring everyone a little too much with writing so often! (In reality, I was off circuit because of this stupid UPA ban on blogging sites, one of the most illogical decisions I have ever heard of)

And this time when I have come back, I have things to write about a very touchy thing (that has always been close to my heart nevertheless): Barriers of religion, caste, region etc.......

I was home the weekend of 23th July and I was unfortunate enough to witness the live feeds from a 55 feet deep ditch in Kurukshetra where a 5 (turned six on 24th July) year old kid had fallen and was stuck for almost 53 hours. ALL the news channels were sending live feeds from the site and there was no stone left unturned (literally and figuratively) to pull the unfortunate kid out. Army, locals, special squad from name it and they were there to save the child. And the news channels were asking for messages/calls from the viewers praying for the child's safe home-coming.

And while I helplessly watched the child crying in the small pit, I heard those messages coming in. I heard people praying for the child. I saw telecasts from temples, churches, gurudwaras, mosques, town squares, streets where people forgot their religion, castes and prayed in unison!

The child did come home safely (though in trauma) abd all went well. But what amazed me was the way the nation stood as one in praying for the child. There were calls from NRIs from all parts of the world sending in their prayers as well! And this only made me wonder!!! Where are the people who kill each other in the name of religion? Where are the people who rape women in the name of communal riots? Is this the same nation where cities have curfews imposed because of riots over a statue being disfigured? Is this the same country???

Or is it that those handful ones who choose to create ruckus have created an impression in my mind which I am generalizing for the rest of the secular ones? Am I wrong or they are? Why is it that when I fall down and hurt myself, no one asks me whether I am a christian, or a Hindu or a Muslim and the first thing they bother about is seeing to it that I get first aid!!!! Is this the same place where people assit a blind person across a road without asking him a question about his caste or religion??

And when I go to my village, a dalit is not allowed in my house as I am the supposedly "upper caste"! Is this some other part of the nation? Or this is one of those examples of Unity in Diversity? And more than the reader of this blog, I am posing this question to myself! Do I even know that there are answers to my questions????