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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Spot the rose in the bunch.....

Disclaimer: This blog, again, is a result of my discussion with with a friend about feelings

When we get bruised on the knee, we feel pain. When we get scolded by Boss for something we've not done, we feel anger. When we want to eat food, we feel hungry!!!

These are feelings one can put fingers on, we can name them. But what about when you've just won a prize you've worked really really hard for? What about a mother whose daughter is getting married? What about a Musician who's just finished composing a dream piece of Music? What about an artist who had been struggling with getting something right in a painting and finally, gets it? What about a mother whose child takes his/her first walking step?

In most of these cases, the only thing that come naturally (most of the times) is TEARS! We tend to cry, or at least, our eyes moisten! It's extremely difficult to say WHAT the feeling is when we go through situations we've always longed for!!!! It's an "overwhelming" feeling that is a mixture of God only know how many feelings!

And the reason this discussion came up was that I tried to express in words the feel I got after listening to the latest composition of my friend's. I called it laden with grief, pain and agony whereas he called it an overwhelming feeling that can't be described in words, Music being the only way to express the feeling!

In his opinion, the feeling is to be FELT and not named! And that set me thinking of those paintings where I have tried to name the feeling but ended up not knowing what to say! It's a little like "Spot the rose in the bunch that adds beauty to the bouquet"......there's really no need to do it! The beauty of the bunch is to be FELT and not named! :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A beautiful thought......

From an an article in Deccan Herald:

Freedom has to be properly understood. Freedom is not the absence of bondage, but it is in-spite of bondage. Think deeply. Infinite is not other than the finite, but in-spite of finite. If infinite is other than the finite then it becomes finite as it is other than finite. Similarly, freedom is not other than bondage, it is in spite of bondage.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stop and smell the roses!

In this jet-set lifestyle of ours where electric lighting is half our life, computers are companions, eating joints an easy substitute for cooking, we've probably forgotten the simple joys of life! Something as simple as sitting in a balcony and reading a book propped on an easy chair! And I had an experience exactly of THAT kind this weekend!

In the middle of a life of e-books, I got an opportunity to go to my parents' place and some REAL leisure time! The leisure of sleeping off at 9:00 pm, of waking up at 10:00 am, of doing NOTHING at all for hours altogether, of watching as much TV as I wanted (and I don't jump at this opportunity), of lazing around and not having to account for it..........sheer bliss, I'll say!

And in one of the books I read sitting in the balcony, there was one line that really made me think! It said, "Stop and smell the roses"...........and the implication struck me full force when I cherished these simple things in life this weekend.......

When you move too fast, you miss the scenery on the way! So, slow down, step and make a child smile at you! Stop and take a look at the ant-hill milling with activity and marvel at the miracles of nature! STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.......