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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lost in translation


I know I know! There's a movie named lost in Translation. But I haven't seen the movie and I don't have the faintest idea as to what this movie is about. My blog is about translation of IDEAS.

Recently, I got a water-colour pencils as a gift. And I want to make a painting using them.

Once I decided to make a painting, the all-important task was to find WHAT to paint! So far, I have made a lot of paintings, but most of the time, I saw something and tried to copy that. There have been times when I have painted things that "I" thought of. But they have mostly been in monochrome. This time, I decided to paint something multi-colour.

I have an idea in mind but getting it onto paper is a Herculean task. Many a times, we start off with a concept and start converting into some form of an Art, be it Music, painting or dance...........but as we progress, the concept keeps getting modified. And by the time we are through with what we were planning to make, the concept barely resembles the one we started off with. This LOSS IN TRANSLATION can be due to many reasons.....

In my case, the loss generally takes place because of a ROUGH draft to start with! If only I had a rather consolidated in my mind, I wouldn't suffer from so much of a loss. Sometimes, we come up with newer ideas as we progress, hence, the loss.

So, is this good or bad? I mean, the LOSS, per se.

My answer is YES. Primarily because I don't start off with what exactly I am looking for. So, obviously, I don't REGRET the loss and whatever happens eventually is good for me.

Well, frankly, I didn't have anything to write about and this was the only idea in my mind, so, I started writing about this! I don't know how much I have lost in translation of the idea of this blog too! :D


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Women's Day? Really???????????


I know that many men are not going to like this post, but I guess I've just stopped caring for insensitive people, in general and insensitive men, in particular. I can't say that this post is really MY OWN in the sense of the reason I'm writing it. But yes, the experiences stated are very much my own. Being a woman has never been easy and here are some instances of why!!!!!

(This blog has been inspired by this post written by a girl Annie, who lives in Bombay, the supposedly safe city for women)..............

Well, I must say that the "experiences" started rather early. For me, the fact that I am a girl (means, different from guys) dawned quite late! The primary reason for this being my close proximity with my brother and a life-style quite similar to guys. I used to do all that guys do, climbing trees, climbing hills, plucking fruits, running around, beating up the local bullies, picking up fights etc. So, I did not understand this "pinching", "rubbing" business for a really long time.......

I grew up in Defence campuses in places like Vizag, Bombay etc. So, I guess things were relatively "better" for me compared to civilian life. I didn't have to take local buses, trains etc. to go to school. But this didn't stop those "pinchings", "rubbings" etc. from happening! Who said being in Defence improves men????

At the tender age of 5, I went through a rather traumatic experience! Then, at the age of seven, then, at the age of 12................and if I was to COUNT these, I'll need a log-book...........

As the technology progressed, so did ways of harassing. Earlier, it was personal harassment! People would touch you in places, will sing out to you and in worst cases, assault you. Then, came the phones!!!! There were calls that played cheap songs, rotten stuff was being said on phone, a detailed description of my anatomy was being given, I was called a prostitute, was offered a one-night stand..............all this happened to me before I turned 16..............

Then came, e-mailing...........ah...........I could go on and on writing about the trashy mails I got. There was porn material being sent, dirty things being written about me.............what not!!!!

And the latest to the list: CELL-PHONES!!!! Men catch hold of my cell-phone number from somewhere and just start calling/messaging! I sought the help of Police too! Response: Why don't you change your cell-phone number???

So, it's MY fault that someone has my cell-phone number?

I shall add to Annie's list of things women aren't SUPPOSED to do:

1. You have no right to be enjoying a walk alone at night (no matter how much your heart craves for it..........
2. You CAN NOT watch a movie alone (particularly in North India where guys think it's their right to tease you if you're there alone watching a movie)
3. You can't wear the clothes of your choice (even if it's a salwar-suit, there'll be some scoundrel hanging around staring at you with lust in his eyes)
4. You can't work late (someone has to be there to escort you back)..........

My list could go on and on as it makes me really angry as to why men can't just control their libido!!!!!!! And what surprises me the most if that most of these "lewd" types are the uncle-ji category.........ranging in age from 35-50, married and having children of their own too! It's really beyond me as to HOW and WHY they are so frustrated!!!!