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Monday, January 30, 2006

The tagging game........

Well, since Rajani tagged me, I'm going to be a good sport and carry on with the game....

The game is as follows:

1. Someone tags you and leaves a comment in your blog saying "You've been tagged"
2. You've to write a blog about the EIGHT qualities you look for in your PERFECT PARTNER....
3. If you've been tagged twice, you needn't respond.....
4. You have to tag eight people, in turn.......

So, here goes my list of eight qualities.............

1. SENSE OF HUMOUR.......this tops my list! My guy HAS TO HAVE a good sense of humour...
2. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY.....he should take responsibility for his actions, I won't like as escapist
3. UNDERSTANDING......he has to understand and accept that "I" am different from him. He's to accept me as I am
4. ADVENTUROUS......he's to have a flair for outdoor sports. My favourite being swimming (since I myself can't swim, I shall bank on him for saving me if I am drowning) :D
5. SENSE AND APPRECIATION OF MUSIC........this is almost an absolute MUST......I am crazy about Music and I would like my guy to be the same way!
6. EXPERIMENTATIVE.........he should be open to experimenting.....particularly at short notice. I don't like people who stick to the routine and's such a turn-off.....
7. guy has to stand up to his standards. I can't stand people who back off.....
8. (;s a long list) PRAGMATIC..........though I am the sentimental kinds, I would like a guy who is pragmatic and makes decisions with the right combination of heart and head......

Since I don't know enough number of people, I shall stick to tagging all whom I know!

The peolpe I'm tagging are:

1. Sujit
2. Satyam
3. Ananth
4. Karthik
5. Ajit
6. Rajani (tagging you back for the lack of people I know who are on blogs)


Some good movies finally..........

Hi! All,

I finally did watch some good movies! After all the crap Bollywood has been creating recently, these movies were a breather. I watched Iqbal (in our good old Gymkhana) on Friday and Kalyug in a friend's Lab on Sunday. Iqbal is a movie full of determination, perseverence, fighting against odds and winning in the end. The role of Shreyas Talpade moved me a great deal. This movie deals with overcoming one's handicaps, no matter what! It's more like, once you have your eyes on the goal, there's nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving it. The concept of a deaf boy going out and making it big in the world appealed to me!!!!!!!!!

And some splendid performances by the little girl (who played Iqbal's sister) and Naseeruddin Shah. This is a movie that gives a lot of scope for the artists to explore their abilities. All the roles in the movie are rather unusual! A deaf boy who wants to be a bowler, a sister who bunks her school adn homework to help her brother realize his dreams, a cricketer who ends up being a drunkard because he lost against the corrupt system, a mother who's so devoted to her son's dream that she gathers courage to stand against her husband..........all were challenging roles! Thankfully, there was apt justice done to all the roles by the respective artists. The lead role was very beautifully portrayed by Talpade.

The song from the movie "Aashayein" was not such a favourite of mine but after I watched the movie, the relevance of the song sank in!!!! The world runs on hope and the day you lose it, you lose the zest for life.....I should know!

The second movie, "Kalyug", was totally different in its message. The movie portrays a young man who gets caught up in the Net of the big people running a thriving porn industry. The movie is not great, as such, but the story-line does set one thinking. I had no idea that the porn industry is the third largest money-mkaing business after arms and narcotics smuggling!!! A $56 bn dollar industry world-wide..............

And the worst part is that this business thrives on human-trafficking! And almost all of it illegal......most of the women in the flesh trade are brought in either forcefully or by deceit! And once here, there is no way out. It's a web that spins itself so tight around the women who get caught in it that it never lets them go. And the only way out is death, either at the hands of the people who are the traders of women or some disease that they catch from some "client"..............or worde, starvation ,if they refuse to give in to the pressures!

"Kalyug" shows how rampant porn industry is in our so-called civilized world.....the lead actor becomes a victim of spy-cameras recording his honey-moon night. Instead of the culprits, the poor boy gets caught and out of shame, his wife commits suicide! I msut say, it was a difficult movie to watch without crying adn I couldn't stop myself.....putting myself in the shoes of the victims brought tears to my eyes......and I did cry a lot.

In the movie, there was somethingt hat really made me look at things from a different angle! In one scene, Amrita Singh says (rather truimphantly and insensitively) that this industry is a DEMAND and SUPPLY industry. Till the time demand is there, supply will be there. So, till the time, people will watch blue films, blue films will be made.......I know of many many people who boast of having watched blue films! And suddenly, I was full of hatred for all the people who buy, sell, watch and store porn videos/films, including myself! I can't say I have watched a real blue film ever but I have seen videos of celebrities in objectionable positions. I don't know if they are morphed or whatever, but I did feel guilty of having shown curiosity for watching such thigns! In an indirect way, I felt I was contributing to the DEMAND for such things! I realize how I'd been infringing upon the privacy of someone else! The mere thought of someone else doing this to me gave me creeps!

So, I decided to discourage all my friends from watching such videos and making them aware that the fun we seek is someone else's extremem misery! I know that it's a very insignificant contribution but this is the least I can do! I ahve to start somewhere and here's where I start! Pledge never to watch any such video and discourage my near and dear ones from doing so too!

I request every single one of you to take this pledge of never watching such stuff. Who knows, you may fall victim to such a thing..........


Monday, January 16, 2006

Colours mean something? Eh...........

Hi Peoples,

Well, the reason I had to start a new blog was that the old one was getting too big for opening and I had to exercise a great deal of patience to read my own blog!

So, I decided that it was far easier to start a new one!!!!!

This blog is what follows after observations about me that go this way, "You have a rather evolved colour sense"......I like to believe this. For an artist at heart, this is God of all compliments. I often questioned myself about my passion for bright colours. Not that I don't like more toned down shades, but I prefer the brighter ones. Each bright colour makes me think of certain thing(s). And these emotions or rather thoughts make me think of combinations that either enhance or contradict the effect of the other colour. It's an interesting phenomenon.

One place where this interplay of colours if of extreme importance is my rangolis (that happen about once in two months). When I start a Rangoli, I do have a concept in mind, at least, most of the times. There have been times when I have started making the rangoli with one theme in my mind but landed up making something entirely different but such things generally happen when I run out of some particular colour or something of that sort.

So, when I have a concept in my mind, it is BLACK AND WHITE. In other words, I start with a COLOURLESS concept in my mind. I do have a mental picture of proportions but no idea of what colours I'll eventually use. Many a time, it has happened that I've changed the colour scheme of my rangolis after starting it too just because I met some friend who came up with a colour scheme that's better than mine!

So, when I start with a colourless concept (I'm counting out black and white as COLOURS really), I start filling in colours in the rnagolis. There are two major factors that govern the colour scheme I opt for.

1. How well it contrasts with the neighbouring colours
2. How does it contribute to the overall feel of the rangoli

I don't have a technical knowledge of opposite colours, so, I often land up using colours following my instinct and nothing else.......until about a week ago, I didn't know that red is formally an opposite of green. I often use a lot of yellow, red and green in my rangolis. And this isn't just because these colours contrast well with each other, but because they make me feel a certain way!

Colours have known to have an impact on how you feel! I think, colours really have a strong impact on me!

The feelings I get when I am surrounded by the following colours are as follows:

1. Red (ahhhh, my favourite colour): Energy, Enthusiasm
2. Yellow: I feel like reading a lot when I see yellow (wonder if yellow is the colour I should wear more often :D)
3. Green: I don't really like green but it makes me feel calm, at least, the green of greenery
4. Blue: I find blue a very soothing colour
5. Orange: Orange makes me feel very energetic and ignites my creativity
6. Black: I find black rather depressing. I do wear black more often these days but I don't really like this colour
7. White ( colour I'd happily never wear given a chance): White is a scary colour (hold on, it's only because even the slightest bit of dirt shows on white and washing whites is a PAIN). This colour makes me feel very lonely, somehow
8. Grey: If I have a choice, I'd never ever wear grey. I don't like that colour at all
9. Pink (IT IS NOT MY FAVOURITE COLOUR, PLEASE): I have LOT of pinks with me but almost ALL of them are gifted! And seeing that there's so much pink with me, people keep gifting me pink, it's a rather vicious circle......I like pink. It makes me feel rather naughty! ;)
10. Brown: To me, brown = formal wear! I think brown makes me feel really elegant and classy! My idea of a formal dress is brown.......
11. Violet: Violet makes me feel rather confident. I don't have a good collection of violets but I like the lighter shades.

Think I coloured almost all the colours I generally come across! Of course, as far as colours go, there's no limit to the number of shades that can be, but they can broadly be put under these colour categories....

Anyway, enough about colours......there's so much that has been said about the colours! :) I know that I am no expert of colours etc, but what I have written above stems from my experience and years of association with colours....through rangolis primarily..........