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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sherlocky style!

If the title is anything to go by, then yes, you heard it right! I did play a little of Sherlock Holmes myself on my way back from Hyderabad. And the idea spawned from the book I was reading. The great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vol I.

I had nothing to do and the companions in my compartment weren't in the least bit interesting. So, I picked up the book on Sherlock Holmes' adventures and started reading it. One of the things Holmes insists upon a great deal is: OBSERVATION. How simple things lead to unraveling things about people. So, I decided to apply simple logic to things and trying to see if it really worked! And the first person I applied it to was: (lo and behold) ME myself!!!!!! :D

Now, you'd say why me? Well, the answer is simple. I know myself and check if the logic applied holds good or not! So, here's how I went........I decided to start with the most obvious things about me.

There was no sun in the train and still there I sat with a cap on. Which meant, I was trying to keep my hair tucked in. And that meant, I was not used to the hairstyle I had. A fact that's true. I am not used to this hairstyle yet. This meant that I acquired it lately and also, I must have
had longer hair earlier.......facts that were completely true! And trust me, I marveled at myself for having applied this bit of logic (I know I know it sounds rather silly, but it's logic nevertheless)......

Then, came my luggage. Nothing out of ordinary. A bag and a carry bag loaded with food stuff (thanks to my cousin whom I had gone to visit). Unlike many women in trains, my luggage was rather limited. So, I am supposed to be not very feminine in that way (a fact that I grudgingly admit to). Since I had a bag of eatables and wasn't really eating anything off it, I didn't buy all that so, it must be given by someone. And who else but a very close friend or family person would buy me a BIG bag of eateries? So, I was either on my way or was on my way back from a
personal visit. But since there was little luggage, the visit was going to be or was rather short (a true fact, I had less than 24 hours to visit my cousin).

Now, since I spent most of my time reading (or sleeping), I was a person who was into academics (not all books I read were Sherlock Holmes books :D)............

When the food came, I ate the food with militarian cleanliness and wrapped the aluminium foil so neatly that it spoke of Militarian upbringing (I'm not boasting about this!!!! My father DOES insist on clean eating).....

Satisfied with my logical deductions about my behaviour and things like that, I decided to analyze the people near me. There were five of them. But one person caught my attention. He was trying to read a book but was reading much less than yawning over it!!!! He had trimly cut hair (a tell-tale sign of Army persons)......well well, some KNOWLEDGE also goes into deduction! Remember, Sherlock Holmes has loads of knowledge to his credit...........

But his feet were rather smooth for a regular army personnel. So, he had to be in the non-field services. And moments later, my deductinos were confirmed when he took out a joural on ASC (Armed Services Corps) and tried to read it. It looked like a report that he wasn't interested in.
Since he showed little inclination towards reading it and was rather reluctant to sit in one place, I guessed that he must've finished training not very much earlier.

And I felt glad when while asking about when the Bangalore station would arrive, he did tell me that he'd finished training only less than an year ago.

Well, I was so delighted at my observation skills and their success that I decided to tell my dearest friend all about them! And guess what I got a reply as: Oh my God!!!! How useful these deductions were (with appropriate doses of sarcasm pooled in)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So much so for playing detective!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Nation Without Women

I planned to watch this movie titled, "A Nation Without Women" some time back. Somehow that never happened. I heard people praising it, whoever watched it told me this was ONE HELL OF A RELEVANT movie.

But then, some people told me, this no longer happens. Women are no longer treated like THAT! And I think I did convince myself to a great degree that maybe, it is too drastic a representation of the condition of women in India......

And then, I stumbled upon this inconspicuous looking article, titled "Reality Check" in Sunday Magazine of The Hindu. Since I was home and had time to kill, I decided to read it........and I was in for a surprise!!!!

The article was about the fifty female fetuses found dumped in a well in Karnataka. I could no longer sustain the thoughts I'd had about the situation of women in India! Because these were not women the paper was talking about! These were BABIES who weren't even allowed to be
born!!!!!!! They were killed before they could even see the light of the day!!!!!!!

And the article went on and on about some SHOCKING attitudes of people in Punjab and Haryana. The one that sprang out was "Raising a daughter is like watering a plant in neighbour's yard"..........and I didn't know who to blame for such a thought......the dowry system, the mothers, the fathers, the people, the population, the ignorance at large?????????

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The very same people, the very same nation, eh?


I'm returning after a LONG time but then, I guess I was boring everyone a little too much with writing so often! (In reality, I was off circuit because of this stupid UPA ban on blogging sites, one of the most illogical decisions I have ever heard of)

And this time when I have come back, I have things to write about a very touchy thing (that has always been close to my heart nevertheless): Barriers of religion, caste, region etc.......

I was home the weekend of 23th July and I was unfortunate enough to witness the live feeds from a 55 feet deep ditch in Kurukshetra where a 5 (turned six on 24th July) year old kid had fallen and was stuck for almost 53 hours. ALL the news channels were sending live feeds from the site and there was no stone left unturned (literally and figuratively) to pull the unfortunate kid out. Army, locals, special squad from name it and they were there to save the child. And the news channels were asking for messages/calls from the viewers praying for the child's safe home-coming.

And while I helplessly watched the child crying in the small pit, I heard those messages coming in. I heard people praying for the child. I saw telecasts from temples, churches, gurudwaras, mosques, town squares, streets where people forgot their religion, castes and prayed in unison!

The child did come home safely (though in trauma) abd all went well. But what amazed me was the way the nation stood as one in praying for the child. There were calls from NRIs from all parts of the world sending in their prayers as well! And this only made me wonder!!! Where are the people who kill each other in the name of religion? Where are the people who rape women in the name of communal riots? Is this the same nation where cities have curfews imposed because of riots over a statue being disfigured? Is this the same country???

Or is it that those handful ones who choose to create ruckus have created an impression in my mind which I am generalizing for the rest of the secular ones? Am I wrong or they are? Why is it that when I fall down and hurt myself, no one asks me whether I am a christian, or a Hindu or a Muslim and the first thing they bother about is seeing to it that I get first aid!!!! Is this the same place where people assit a blind person across a road without asking him a question about his caste or religion??

And when I go to my village, a dalit is not allowed in my house as I am the supposedly "upper caste"! Is this some other part of the nation? Or this is one of those examples of Unity in Diversity? And more than the reader of this blog, I am posing this question to myself! Do I even know that there are answers to my questions????


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Spot the rose in the bunch.....

Disclaimer: This blog, again, is a result of my discussion with with a friend about feelings

When we get bruised on the knee, we feel pain. When we get scolded by Boss for something we've not done, we feel anger. When we want to eat food, we feel hungry!!!

These are feelings one can put fingers on, we can name them. But what about when you've just won a prize you've worked really really hard for? What about a mother whose daughter is getting married? What about a Musician who's just finished composing a dream piece of Music? What about an artist who had been struggling with getting something right in a painting and finally, gets it? What about a mother whose child takes his/her first walking step?

In most of these cases, the only thing that come naturally (most of the times) is TEARS! We tend to cry, or at least, our eyes moisten! It's extremely difficult to say WHAT the feeling is when we go through situations we've always longed for!!!! It's an "overwhelming" feeling that is a mixture of God only know how many feelings!

And the reason this discussion came up was that I tried to express in words the feel I got after listening to the latest composition of my friend's. I called it laden with grief, pain and agony whereas he called it an overwhelming feeling that can't be described in words, Music being the only way to express the feeling!

In his opinion, the feeling is to be FELT and not named! And that set me thinking of those paintings where I have tried to name the feeling but ended up not knowing what to say! It's a little like "Spot the rose in the bunch that adds beauty to the bouquet"......there's really no need to do it! The beauty of the bunch is to be FELT and not named! :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A beautiful thought......

From an an article in Deccan Herald:

Freedom has to be properly understood. Freedom is not the absence of bondage, but it is in-spite of bondage. Think deeply. Infinite is not other than the finite, but in-spite of finite. If infinite is other than the finite then it becomes finite as it is other than finite. Similarly, freedom is not other than bondage, it is in spite of bondage.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stop and smell the roses!

In this jet-set lifestyle of ours where electric lighting is half our life, computers are companions, eating joints an easy substitute for cooking, we've probably forgotten the simple joys of life! Something as simple as sitting in a balcony and reading a book propped on an easy chair! And I had an experience exactly of THAT kind this weekend!

In the middle of a life of e-books, I got an opportunity to go to my parents' place and some REAL leisure time! The leisure of sleeping off at 9:00 pm, of waking up at 10:00 am, of doing NOTHING at all for hours altogether, of watching as much TV as I wanted (and I don't jump at this opportunity), of lazing around and not having to account for it..........sheer bliss, I'll say!

And in one of the books I read sitting in the balcony, there was one line that really made me think! It said, "Stop and smell the roses"...........and the implication struck me full force when I cherished these simple things in life this weekend.......

When you move too fast, you miss the scenery on the way! So, slow down, step and make a child smile at you! Stop and take a look at the ant-hill milling with activity and marvel at the miracles of nature! STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.......


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Art is a journey, not a destination!

(Before I start my ramblings, I have to thank Ananth, Sujit, Saptarshi and Emtiyaz who've been great critics of my Art and are responsible for the progress I've made in sketching. I am beginning to believe, Good Critics play a role of a Good Parent in the growth of Art)

How would you feel about a chef who pays more attention to how a dish is garnished and served on table than how it actually tastes??? Or a teacher who's more worried about how neatly you write your answers in an exam than WHAT you write for an answer??? Frustrated? Angry? Well, I am one of these kind of people who fuss over the micro picture more than the macro picture, in Art though.............and I have to profusely thank Entiyaz for giving me those proper words, macro and micro, to make me realize where I was going wrong in my sketching! It's not as if the same thing has not been told to me before! But this is for the first time, Emti was able to point out to me WHAT exactly was wrong!

And before, I have had discussions with Sujit and Ananth about my sketches. And while discussing the Angelina Jolie sketch of mine with Ananth (, this topic came up! What does one look for in an Art Piece? Perfection? Frankly, I WAS looking for perfection! And in my quest for perfection, I lost out on that factor which differentiates Good Art from DAMN GOOD Art........FEEL of the Art.........

When I look at a picture I plan to sketch, what strikes me is the complexity! Complexity of the strokes, complexity of the colours, complexity of the combinations....................everything else but the FEEL of the Art!!!!! What would the subject be feeling when the picture was drawn? Is the girl in the picture trying to say something? What could she be thinking when the sketch was made? Is she sad? Angry? Pensive? Thoughtful? Excited??????

And I'm not surprised that for a long time, I was losing out on doing good Art as I was working too hard at trying to eliminate the micro-errors! And one can never reach perfection in Art! Because there is NO PERFECTION in something so subjective...............something or the other will always go wrong. Something or the other will always be out of the way to make the Art less than perfect.....and THAT is the beauty of the Art! You can never really reach THE summit! And this goes with what I've written about maths and Art! There's no FINAL in Art! Art is a journey, not a destination! So, I'm trying hard to give up on my quest for perfection and trying to concentrate on the feel! Let me see where I reach!!!!!! Or rather, let me see how enjoyable this journey is!!!!!!!!!!